Used-Car Window Sticker

Sign information:

The Used-Car window sticker is specifically designed for owners selling their used-car. As you can see there is a space for all the normal information, including make and model, phone number, and price. There are also areas for added information. You can list your mileage, engine type, transmission type, interior and exterior color, standard and optional equipment, city and hwy gas mileage, and all contact information.

How it works:

Step 1: Fill out the forms on the Sign Creation page using all the correct information. Be sure to fill out the form completely. After the forms are filled out to your satisfaction, click the “Preview Sign” button.

Step 2: Look your sign over. If all the information is correct, you are almost ready to print. Make sure your printing options are set to leave off any headers or footers.

Step 3: Once you are satisfied with your sign, press the print button and enjoy your new professional for sale sign!


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